"I love coming home to Timber Creek after a day of running errands.  The neighborhood is so convenient to shopping and good restaurants that I don't have to travel very far from home.  It doesn't matter if the weather is good or bad, the Timber Creek crew takes care of everything from snow removal to mowing the grass.  All I have to do is watch the beautiful flowers bloom from my cozy new home that's just the right size for me.

I really enjoy my neighbors.  It's great living near other seniors that have the same life experiences and interests as I do.  We can get together for a game of shuffleboard or just meet and visit in the club house.  It's also easy to take a walk in our safe neighborhood to stay fit and keep up with everyone.  I'm so glad I chose Timber Creek as my new home."


Timber Creek is the perfect fit for the next phase of my life.  I love my new home.  I have two sisters as my neighbors.  I work out three times a week at the Club House, and recently joined a monthly Bunco group.  Doug, Frank & Steve are like family, taking care of our needs.  I am looking forward to many happy years with my family and friends, at Timber Creek.

Sincerely, Mary


"I’m so very pleased with Timber Creek and the people here. It’s a new found joy for me and I’m looking forward to years of happiness. In fact, I’ve told many of my friends in Mt. Zion and Decatur about Timber Creek, and I will have the pleasure of visits from them and with any luck maybe some of them will become my neighbors at Timber Creek. I can hope !"

Sincerely ,

Bonnie J. Mc Carthy